(Wordless Wednesday) My Arul

Kamis, 03 April 2014

I would like to share about my son, Arul,  in my first Wordless Wednesday.

He is my fourth child (yang ke empat yang bontot yee..)

He likes reading, oh no, I mean he likes books ( secara dia belom bisa baca gituuu..)
Everytime I go to the bookstore, he is very happy (nggak ke bookstore aja sih, ke food court dia juga suka qiqiqi..}
He will take one book and I have to buy it for him  (kalau yg diambil buku mahal, nangissss gueeee...)

He likes playing game too..

He also  likes travelling

he likes going by train

he also likes going by car

by bike is okee

My Arul is a happy boy everywhere he is...

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