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1.      Read the text and answer the question.
Animals are more dangerous in zoo than in the wild. This is because they have lost their initial fear of man. Do not be fooled into thinking that zoo animals are pets. Do not attempt to touch them, they may bite and cause serious injury.

What does the text mean?
A.     You must not touch animals in the zoo.
B.     You have to fool animals to touch them.
C.     You are allowed to attempt to touchanimals.
D.     You are prohibited to go to the zoo atthe moment.

Read the following text and answer questions 2 and 3.
Dear AfifUtonlo, NindaPutrika, Sandi Asmoro.
The National English Debate Competition
was so competitive. Your opponent strongly delivered their argument. However, your team is still able to rebut their argument. You have proved that your team are the best debaters of SMP 286.
On your success to be the first winner of The
National Junior High School English Debate
Wishing you many more successes in the future and keep being respectful

Your friend,

2.      What is the purpose of the text above ?
A.     To ask Afif. Ninda and Sandi to keep being respectful.
B.     To Support Afif, Ninda and Saudi to winall the debate competition.
C.     To congratulate Afif. Ninda and Sandion their success.
D.     To wish Afif, Ninda and Saudi to study much harder.
3.      ... Your team is still able to rebut their argument.”
The underlined word can be replaced with
A. agree                       C. defeat
B. approve                   D. concede

Read the text and answer questions 4 and 5.
Dear John,
Let me congratulate you on your success as the best pop singer in 2013. I hope you always perform the best in the next show.

4.      From the text above, we know that ....
A.     John performs the best in the show
B.     Cindy performs the best in the show
C.     Cindy wants to be the best in the show
D.     John hopes he will be the best in the next show
5.      I hope you always perform the best.....
The underlined word can be replaced with
A. play                         C. read
B.sing                           D. dance

Read the text and answer questions 6 and 7.
Dear Andre,
Do you have any plane for next holiday?
Mira and I are going to spend our holiday at grandma’s house and our father will drive us to the village. If you want to join us, let us know soon. Remember, last holiday you didn't visit grandma!

6.      Why did Randy invite Andre to join them? Because ....
A.     Randy and Andre are not best friends
B.     Andre didn’t visit grandma last holiday
C.     Andre doesn’t have any plans forholiday
D.     Randy’s father will not drive them tothe village
7.      From the message we know that ....
A.     Andre wants to spend his holiday at thevillage
B.     Randy's father will spend his holiday atvillage too
C.     Randy will visit his grandmother alone
D.     Andre is Mira and Randy’s cousin

Read the text and answer questions 8 and 9.
Dear Tara,
Remember we’ve had an appointment to go to the swimming pool after school. I’ll be waiting for you at home. After having lunch and taking a nap, prepare yourself to go. Don’t forget to bring your swimsuit. We will go there by bicycle.

8.      What should they do before going to the swimming pool?
A.     Make an appointment and prepare everything.
B.     Have lunch and bring a swimsuit.
C.     Take a nap and ride a bicycle.
D.     Have lunch and take a nap.

9.      When will they go to the swimming pool?
A.     In the morning.
B.     In the afternoon.
C.     In the eveniny.
D.     At night.

Read the text and answer questions 10 and 11.

Mr. Tom Brown
Good morning, Mr. Tom Brown. I am Maria Salsa. I would like to inform you that this afternoon You are supposed to give us Mathematics additional lesson. The lesson will start at 2:00 p.m. up to 4:30 p.m..We have agreed to use Room 007 for this activity, We cannot use Room 002 as we have planned before, because the room is being used for another school activity now. We are looking forward to receiving your reply. Thank you for your confirmation.
(Maria Salsa 9A)

Sent: 11:25 a.m.

10.  The text is written to ....
A.     ask for Mr. Brown’s confirmation on hisMathematics additional class
B.     inform all the schedules of Mr. Brown
C.     give additional lesson to Mr. Brown
D.     ask for Mr. Brown’s permission to usethe room
11.  “We are looking forward to receiving your reply”
What does the sentence means?
A.     Mr. Brown would not come to theMathematics additional class thisafternoon.
B.     Mr. Brown has cancelled the class.
C.     Maria is asking whether Mr. Brownwould come to hi, class or not.
D.     Maria is asking Mr. Brown torescheduled the afternoon class.

Read the text and answer questions 12 and13.
Aptos non-surgical Facelift The latest non-surgical mini face-lift, neck-lift and brow­lift procedure from USA at half the cost.The effects of this one hour procedurelast 3-7 years. Allow 5 days to include aftercare.
For Men and Women

12.  How long is the proceclure?
A.     One hour.
B.     Five davs.
C.     Three years.
D.     Seven years.
13.  What is the purpose of the text?
A.     Describing a special clinic.
B.     Describing how the service conducted.
C.     Advertising special treatment in theclinic.
D.     Telling how to come to the clinic.
Read the text and answer questions 14 and 15.
Based on the Approval Letter of the Governor of Bank Indonesia No. 13/208/KEFGBI/2011 on December 29, 2011, we are pleased to announce that effective from January 12, 2012

PT SaphireBank

has changed its name to

PT Bank Diamond Indonesia
The name change reflects the shareholding increase of Saph re Group Limited from 85% to 99% in PT Bank Diamond Indonesia as well as our strong and continuing support for Indonesia’s- economic growth.

Jakarta, January 12, 2012

Board of Directors

PT Bank. Diamond Indonesia
14.  Why does the bank change its name?
Because . . . .
A.     they commited to support Indonesia economic growth
B.     there are sonic changes in shareholding
C.     the governor of Bank Indonesia request it
D.     they have already announced it to the public
15.  The text above is about ....
A.   Bank Indonesia closing a certain bank
B.   a change of a hank ownership
C.   a change of a name of a bank
D.   an announcemcnt of a bank bankruptcy
Read the text and answer questions 16and 17.
Please come and celebrate with us at a
Surprise Graduation Party
In honor of our son’s hard work and effort!
Matthew has gained a BA
(Hoes Graphic Design from Glasgow School
of Art)
Join us on
Saturday, March 25th, 2012 at 7:30 p.m.
The Castle Rooms, Uddingston
See you there!
Tony and Louise Gates
Please R. S. V. P by Monday March 13th,
Louise Gates
Orchardton Cottage, Main Street, Rothesay,
Isle of Bute.

16.  Where is the party held?
A.     The Castle Rooms, Uddingston.
B.     Orchardton Cottage.
C.     Glas-ow School Art.
D.     Isle of Bute.
17.  From the text we can say that ....
A.     the party will be held in OrchardtonCottage
B.     Tony and Louise Gates are Matthew’sparents
C.     Matthew could pass the finalexamination easily
D.     you should confirm to Matthew beforecoming to the party
Read the text and answer questions 18 to 20.
Boyolali Regency is located in northof Solo and east of Merapi and Merbabu Mountains. This regency has been known for its production of fresh milk for a long time. No wonder, the cow statues adorn Boyolali.
There are six main cow statues in Boyolali. They are displayed in different places. The statues are made of concrete. The color and shape are made in such a way to resemble real cows. However, the size is made - bigger to catch the eyes.
Besides decorating the town, the statues - also turn out to be helpful for people from out of town to find places they are seeking in Boyolali. By mentioning the position of the statues, people can get their way easily.

18.  The text mainly tells us about ....
A.     the color of the statues
B.     cow statues in Boyolali
C.     a town called Boyolali
D.     how to raise cows
19.  What is the main idea of the last paragraph?
A.     The statues help people to find places easily.
B.     The statues decorate the town beautifully.
C.     The cows can get their way easilyaround the town.
D.     The people from out of town easily findthe statues.
20.  “... they are seeking in Boyolali."
(paragraph 3)
What does the underlined word refer to?
A.     People from out of town.
B.     Placesin Boyolali.
C.     Cow statues.
D.     Real cows.
Read the text and answer questions 21 to 23.
It happened ten years ago. A group of seven girls went camping by the seashore. When they enjoyed their activities, suddenly a big wave came and swept out their tent and everything inside.
The girls were panic and ran to save their lives. They tried to get to the farthest place as fast as they could, Rina even climbed up a coconut tree. After several minutes, the situation was finally calm. They walked back to the location where they set their tent up. They didn’t find anything there except a frying pan and a spoon. They could not help but laughing seeing that. Then they decided to go home.
It was such an unforgettable experience but they were happy that they were all safe.

21.  “They could not help but laughing seeing that.” (paragraph 2)
The word "that" refers to . . . .
A.     the location
B.     the bigwave
C.     the thing inside the tent
D.     the frying pan and the spoon
22.  What did the girls do when the big waves came? They . . . .
A.     were walkina along the beach
B.     were searching a place to set up a tent
C.     were preparing their lunch at the beach
D.     were enjoying their activities at the beach

23.  What is the text about`?
A.     An amazing scout activity.
B.     Girls having an outbound activity.
C.     Girls going camping at the beach.
D.     A group of seven adventurous students.

Read the text and answer questions 24 and 25.
How to Make a Pencil Case
1.      Choose the size you want. If you want to put longer items placed in your pencil case, such as a ruler, you will need a longer pencil case.
2.      Find a bag or box that suitable with your choice of size. It does not have to be nice looking, but strong and clean.
3.      Cover the box with paper of any color.
4.      Decorate the container. Try some or all of the following ideas:
a.       Put on some cool stickers.
b.      Decorate with your own art workwith markers: draw lines, shapes,animals, people, etc.
c.       Cut some magazine pictures and stickthem on it.
d.      Totally cover the box with wrappingpaper, and
e.       Glue on shells, buttons, or anythingelse you want to decorate the pencilcase with. Add glitter if you like.
24.  The length of the pencil case depends on
A.     the items we are going to put there
B.     the ruler we have
C.     the size of the pen
D.     the box that we lind
25.  From the text above we can conclude that we must be . . . in decorating the box to have a good result.
A. brave                        C creative
B. careful                      D. risky

Read the text and answer questions 26 to 29.
An ant went to the river to get a drink. The water rushed so fast that he was washed off from the bank into the river.                                                               
“I shall drown”, he cried. “Help! Help! Help!” but his voice was so tiny that it couldn’t be heard.
A dove was sitting on a tree hanging over the water. She saw the ant struggling and     ' quickly nipped off a leaf and let it fall into the water. The ant climbed upon it and floated down the river until the leaf was washed uponnthe bank of the river.
The ant called out in its tiny voice. “Thank you, kind dove, you have saved my life,” but of course the dove couldn’t hear him.
Several days afterwards, the dove was again sitting on the tree when a hunter crept carefully LIP the tree. His gun was pointed at the dove and he was about to shoot. Then, suddenly he was bitten in the leg by the ant.
He cried out with pain and dropped his gun. This frightened the dove, and she flew away. “Thank you, kind ant,” cooed the dove,The ant heard it and was happy that he could help her.
26.  Why did the hunter cry out with pain?
A.     His gun was exploded.
B.     His gun was dropped down.
C.     His leg was bitten by the ant.
D.     His head was bitten by the dove.
27.  What is the main idea of the fourth paragraph?
A.     The ant called the dove.
B.     The dove saved the ant's life.
C.     The ant's voice was very soft.
D.     The ant was thankful to the dove.

28.  What does the text generally tell us about?
A.     The dove on the tree.
B.     The aniw and the dove.
C.     The ant near the river.
D.     The hunter and the dove.
29.  What can we learn from the story?
A.     Supporting each other in crime is a must.
B.     Sharing each other, making a wealthy life.
C.     Helping each other is the best thin- to do in life.
D.     Thanking each other for kindness is dangerous.

Read the text and answer questions 30 to 32.
I am used to travelling by air but only on one occasion did I felt frighten. After taking off, we flew low over the city. It slowly went high to the sky.
But, suddenly it turned round and flew back to the airport. A stewardess told us to keep calm and to getoff the plane quietly as soon as it landed. After we landed, the police searched the plane carefully. Everybody on board was worried and we grew curious about what was happening.
Later we learnt that there was a very important person on board. Earlier somebody told the police that there was a bomb on the plane. Fortunately, they didn't find a bomb and five hours later we were able to take off again.
30.  Who searched the plane carefully?
A.     The pilot.
B.     The police.
C.     The passengers.
D.     The stewardess.
31.  Why did the plane fly back to the airport?
A.     The pilot was afraid of bombs.
B.     The pilot foroot about somcthinl.
C.     The passengers were frightened andshocked.
D.     Police suspected that there was a bombon the plane.
32.  What is the main idea of paragraph three?
A.     The writer felt frightened.
B.     The police searched the plane carefully.
C.     There was a very important person onboard.
D.     Somebody said that there was a bomb

For questions 33 to 35, choose the best words tocomplete the text.
In my house, I have two rose shrubs. I­water them every morning and I am happy to see them grow.
One of the shrubs is in blossom. They took very beautiful and smell so ...(1). There are also some roses that are still wrapped in tight green buds. Although I really want to, I have never seen the blossoming process.
I enjoy seeing and touching the delicate petal of the roses lightly. But if I...(2)it, I should be very ...(3). Otherwise i will spoil the petals.

33.  A. had                                               C. scentless
B. ilice                                  D. unpleasant
34.  A. touch                               C. touched
B. touchc                              D. touchin`r
35.  A. much                               C. careful
B.  skiifui                                         D. careless
36.  Arrange these words into a meaningful sentence.
someone - glad - the king - to work
1            2          3                4
to find- who - waswanted
     5         6            7          8
The best arrangement for the words is ...
A.     3-7-5-2-4-1-6-8
B.     3-7-2-5-I-6-8-4
C.     3-7-5-2-8-6-1-4
D.     3-7-4-5-6-2-1-8

37.  Choose the best arrangement to make a good notice.
five - under - children - don'tunattended
   1 2          3          4          5
- leaveyears
6    7
The best arrangement of the words is ....
A.     4-3-6-2-1-7-5
B.     4-5-3-2-1-6-7
C.     4-6-3-2-1-7-5
D.     4-5-3-2-1-7-6

Read the text and answer question 38.
The zoo management

38.  The text means that the zoo visitors ... the animals.
A.     do not have to take pictures
B.     should eat the food of
C.     must not givc any food to
D.     may not observe the illness of

Read the message and answer questions 39 to 41
To: Vitaloka
Hi, girl! Do you know our singing rehearsal was cancelled this afternoon? Mr. Andikatold me this just now. Our practice will be done on Wednesday afternoon after Mrs. Erlita has come back from Solo. So, how about going to Taman Anggrek Mall just for window-shopping? Anyway. Rico is ready to accompany us. Please reply soon.

Sender: Rio

39.  What is the purpose of the message?
A.     To tell Vitaloka that the singingrehearsal has been postponed.
B.     To ask Vitaloka to join the singgingpractice this afternoon.
C.     To remind Vitaloka to come to the singing rehearsal.
D.     To inform Mr. Andika about the Taman Ang-rek Mall.
40.  The singing rehearsal was cancelled because
A.     Mr. Andika has accompanied Mrs. Erlitato Solo
B.     Mrs. Erlita went to Solo
C.     Mr. Andika has told the news to theStudents
D.     the program of the singing rchcarsal hasbeen over
41.  “Anyway, Rico is read to accompany us.”
What does the word “us” refer to?
A.     Mrs. Erlita and her students.
B.     Rio and his classmates.
C.     Mr. Aridika and his friend.
D.     The writer and Vitaloka.

Read the text and answer questions 42 to 45.
As a part of the continuing efforts to improve the school quality, SMP AbdiBangsa Jakarta will hold an interschool chess tournament entitled "The 11thInterschool Chess Tournament of SMP AbdiBangsa" on
day/date              : Sunday, August l8th 2013
place                   : SMP AbdiBangsa Jakarta
room                   : Invention Hall
participants          : All SMPs (State Owned Schools and Private Schools)
                              in West Jakarta.
Two best players of the chess tournament will go to Bali for a week. To face this tournament, all students of SMP AbdiBangsa who are good at playing chess are hoped to contact Mr. Abraham Ali soon for selection and further training. Let's win this tournament and make our school as the champion again.
Coordinator of the tournament
Eddy Basgoro MA

42.  The purpose of writing the text is to ask the students . . . themselves to be the schoolchess players.
A. to enroll                C. to train
B. to inform               D. to join
43. Why does the school hold the 11thInterschool Chess Tournament?
A.     To face the cOming chess tournament inthe school.
B.     To participate in the chess tournament in Bali.
C.     To create national chess players.
D.     To retain the chess champion title.
44.  The text shows that Mr. Abraham must bethe . . . of the tournament.
A. player                   C. principal
B. teacher                  D. coordinator

Read the text and answer questions 45 to 47.
Dear Andre Alfariby
The Competition was so competitive.
However, the jury announced, "The first
winner goes to Andre Alfariby, a student of
SNIP HarapanBaru, Indonesia." You have
proved yourself as the best student.
on your success to be the first winner of the
Young Inventor Physics Project Olympiad
in Bosnia.
Today proves something that we have
always known about you. You're pretty
smart. Wishing you many more successes
in the future and keep being respectful.
Your friend.AnytaDoliany

45.  What is the writer's purpose to writc the text?
A.     To show her spcclal attention to thewriter who is really sniart in physics.
B.     To congrratulate Andre for his success to be the first winner of the Olympiad.
C.     To express her wish to he the firstwinner of the Physics Project Olimpiad
D.     To support Andre Alfaribyin orderto win the cominigtrophy of younginventors.
46.  From the text, we can conClude that Aiwa Doliany. . . .
A.     accompanied Andre during the Olympiad
B.     taught Andre how to win the best  title
C.     knew Andre whcn the met in Bosnia
D.     cheered Andre for winning theOlympiad
47.  What does the writer think about AndreAlfariby?
A.     He has become a scientist.
B.     He is like her brother.
C.     He looks young
D.     He is very clever.

Read the text and answer questions 48 to 50.
Jakarta, December 20, 2013
Dear Myra.
Hello Myra, how are things with you? I do hope you are always fine. I am not okay, actually. I’ve lost everything, my electronic devices, my Blackberry, even friends. I wish you could be here with me.
I've lost everything because my father was fired from his office. You may not believe it, but it is true. His company was bankrupt and closed. From then on, we have to live carefully. My father had to sell our property before he can find a new job. Unfortunately, he cannot get one up to now.
Myra, something that makes me feel worse is my friends. They used to come to me and play together. They used to ride my bike, play CDs, even use my handphone. But now, when my family becomes poor,
no one comes to me. They may have foraottt n me. Will you forget me too. Myra?
I do hope you won't leave me either. I need your support, Myra!



48.  Sendy wrote the letter to Myra ....
A.     to express her disappointment
B.     to show how luck she was at themoment
C.     to ask for her friend's true love to i rand her family
D.     to inform that she needed herBlackberry very much
49.What is the main idea of paragraph 3?
A.     Sendy's friends have left her.
B.     Sendy used to be arich woman
C.     Sendy’s friends belong to had friend
D.     Sendy’s friends used to borrow her mobile phones.
50.  From the text, we can conclude that Sendy’sfather belongs to a . . . man now.
A.     Rich
B.     Poor
C.     Kind
D.     Good

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