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Read the text and answer question 1-3!

                Spiders are not insects, as many people think, nor even nearly related to them. One can tell the difference almost at a glance for spider always has eight legs and an insect never more than six.

                How many spiders are engaged in this work on our behalf? One authority on spiders made a census of the spiders in a grass field in the south of England, and he estimated that there were more than 2,250,000 in one acre; that is something like 6,000,000 spiders of different kinds on a football pitch.

1.     Spiders are not insect because they have…

a.        Six legs

b.       Less than six legs

c.        Eight legs

d.       Less than eight legs

2.     The first paragraph shows us…

a.        The killing instinct of spiders

b.       The census of spiders

c.        The definition of spiders

d.       The common behaviour of spiders

3.     It is inferred in paragraph two that there are…….. spiders in a one-acre area

a.        Very few

b.       A lot of

c.        Unknown

d.       Some

Read the text and answer question 4-7!

Tomato Soup


-          5 large tomatoes

-          1 small onion

-          7 cups water

-          Small clove garlic spices

-          ½ teaspoon salt

-          ¼ teaspoon pepper

-          ¼ teaspoon butter

Steps :

1.       Fry tomatoes, onion and garlic in a pan with butter for five minutes

2.       Add water, spices, salt and pepper

3.       Heat until the water boils

4.       Turn down the heat and cover the lid

5.       Cook for one hour.

4.         What is kind of the text above?

a.        Narrative

b.       Recount

c.        Monologue

d.       Procedure

5.         How many tomatoes are needed for tomato soup?

a.        four large tomatoes

b.       five small tomatoes

c.        five large tomatoes

d.       one small tomato

6.         How much water is needed for tomato soup?

a.        One cup of water

b.       Eight  cups of water

c.        Seven  cups of water

d.       Two cups of water

7.         After frying the ingredients in a pan what is the next steps?

a.        Turn down the heat

b.       Heat until the water boils

c.        Add water, spices, salt and pepper.

d.       Cook for one hour.

Read the text and answer question 8-9!


8.         The notice means :

a.        Fishing is allowed

b.       Many kinds of fish are provided

c.        Fishing is very danger

d.       Fishing is not allowed

9.         We usually find the notice in the…

a.        River

b.       Beach

c.        Swimming pool

d.       Stream

Read the text and answer question 10-12!


The safeway to go 24 hours service
We will serve you
Plaza Lamongan Blok D no 26
Jl. Raya Kinameng 6 Lamongan 62218

10.      The text advertise …

a.        Plaza

b.       Cars service

c.        Cars rental

d.       Lamongan’s Safeway

11.      The purpose of the text above is to …. The readers to rent a car.

a.        entertain

b.       debate

c.        persuade

d.       negotiate

12.      How can you contact them?

a.        Text it

b.       Email it

c.        Call it

d.       Fax it

Read the text and answer question 13-15!


We wish to express our deepest condolence on the passing of  Mrs. Melani
The victim of accident on Thursday morning in Jl. Dago  Bandung

Buried in her hometown  Lamongan
24 December 2015

May God Almighty blesses and keeps him in His side

Jakarta, 24 December 2015
Women Department of  SALIMAH

13.           What is the purpose of the text?

a.        To show the way how to get burial

b.       To invite someone in the burial site

c.        To tell the deepest sympathy

d.       To express the deepest sadness

14.           Where do you usually find such condolence expression?...

a.        In a brochure

b.       In a newspaper

c.        In a novel

d.       In an article

15.           Where does Nikita come from?

a.        Lamongan

b.       Jakarta

c.        China

d.       Bandung

Read the text and answer question 16-18!

5.10 AM
6.50 AM
9.45 AM
8.45 AM
9.50 AM
1.30 PM
1.00 PM
2.05 PM
5.25 PM
6.55 PM
8.00 PM
5.50 PM
8.50 PM

16.           You want to arrive in Surabaya in the morning. What time do you have to leave Jakarta?

a.        1.00 pm

b.       5.10 am

c.        9.45 am

d.       7.00 am

17.           What time is the last fight from Jakarta to Surabaya?

a.        9.45 am

b.       1.00 pm

c.        5.25 pm

d.       6.00 pm

18.           You depart from Jakarta at 8.45 am. What time you will arrive in Bali?

a.        9.50 pm

b.       9.45 am

c.        1.30 pm

d.       8.00 pm

Read the text and answer question 19-22!


                Emperor penguins live in huge colonies along the coast of Antarctica. The largest of all penguins, they are three to four feet tall and weigh 100 pounds. The penguins’s shiny-looking “skin” is really made up of short, dense feathers that protect it from the cold, wet weather.

                Penguins cannot fly. They look awkward as they walk along on land with their side-to-side waddle. However, penguins are great swimmers and divers.

                At nesting time the female lays a single eggs. Then the male holds the egg on his feet for about nine weeks until the eggs hatches.

19.      Penguins are mostly found in

a.        North Pole

b.       South Pole

c.        Europe

d.       Australia

20.      The word ‘awkward’ in paragraph is in opposite with the word…

a.        Steady

b.       Weak

c.        Doubtful

d.       Cheerful

21.      Below is the true fact about penguins…

a.        They move by jumping

b.       They are great flyer and swimmer

c.        Their eggs hatch after nine weeks

d.       They have thin feathers

22.      The second paragraph describes the …. Of the penguins.

a.        Manner

b.       Classification

c.        Quality

d.       Parts

23.      What does this sign means?

a. Anyone who sees this sign will be dead.

b. Anyone who passes this road will die at the end.

c. This is the end of the road without an exit

d. Somebody is dead so anyone must stop at the end of this line

24.      Rita : Guess what! I’ve bought a new dress

Beni : Great, it is a famous brand! it’s a definitely a good one.

The conversation above is about...

a.        agreement

b.       certainty

c.        hesitation

d.       giving interesting news

25.      Denny :  .... I’ve already watched the latest news about Messi

Monik :  Tell me more about him, then.

a.        Guess what!

b.       Do you agree?

c.        Are you sure about it?

d.       I am not sure

26.      Itok : Listen, I’ve got update news.

Erni : What is it?

Itok : SID will have a concert

Erni : ..................

Itok : Yes, he will come next month

a.        I don’t care

b.       I disagree with you

c.        I doubt it

d.       Really?

Read the text and answer question no 27-28!

Surabaya, January 1st, 2016

Dear Lusi,
This card comes with living wishes especially for you. To wish you lots of happness today and all year through. Happy New Year 2015.


27.  The word “ wish “ in the text nearly means...

a.        see

b.       look

c.        hope

d.       want

28. The purpose of the text above is...

a.        to remind someone about New Year

b.       to greet someone for the New Year

c.        to inform everyone  about New Year

d.       to invite someone to a New Year Celebration


Read the text and answer question no 29-31!

Dry Clean
No chemical substance
No bleach
Exclusively design for teens

29. What is the text about?

a.        The material of the fabric

b.       the way to treat the fabric

c.        the designer of the fabric

d.       the size of the fabric

30. Where do you usually see it?

a.        around the collar

b.       in the price tag

c.        in the cashier

d.       in the company profile

31. “Exclusively design for teens” means that...

a.        Teens design themselves

b.       The design was created by another party

c.        The design is for teens

d.       Other company may have design too

32.      Mr. Agus : Can Tia operate a computer?

Yuyun   : Maybe she can, but … I have never seen her operate it.

a.        I’m afraid she can

b.       I’m surprised to know that

c.        I doubt it

d.       I’m sure about it

33.      Femi : Hello, can I speak to Adelia?

Adelia : Sorry, I can’t hear you. The signal is low.

The italicized sentence shows..

a.        Certainty

b.       Agreement

c.        Repetition

d.       Hesitation

34.      The following expressions are used to ask for repetition, except…

a.        Excuse me?

b.       Well…

c.        Pardon me?

d.       Sorry?

35.      Ergas    : ………………

Umam : First, open the document, then click ‘file’ and ‘print’

a.        Do you know what I mean?

b.       I don’t know how to print a document.

c.        Do you know how to print a document?

d.       Are you with me so far?

36.      Senja : There is something wrong with my TV. Do you think he can repair it?

Syifa   : ….. his TV is out of order too.

a.        No doubt

b.       I doubt that

c.        I’m sure

d.       I’m afraid

Read the dialogue and answer question 37-38!

Renny brought some brownies from home. She is offering some to Mrs. Nina, the English teacher. Mrs. Nina is pleased to have some.

Renny   : Mrs. Nina, I brought cookies from home............... (37)

Mrs. Nina : .................. (38) I’ll try some. Thank you, Renny.

Renny        : You’re welcome

37.      a. I wonder if I might offer you some brownies

b. Do you like brownies?

c. Will you eat these brownies?

d. come on buy these

38.  a. No. Thanks

b. Sure

c. Which one?

d. Maybe later

Read the text and answer question 39-41!

Urgently required
Salesman Spreading
Applicant must have :
-          At least academy graduate
-          Driving license
-          Oral and written English skill
-          At least 1 year experience
Or fax to 62-24-335733676

39.  What is the goal of the advertisement?

a.        Seeking employees

b.       Seeking employers

c.        Selling a product

d.       promoting a product

40. Where do we usually find the advertisement? We ususally find it...

a.          on TV

b.          in the radio

c.          at the internet

d.          in the newspapaer

41. What do we have to do if we want to apply for the position? we have to..

a.          send our application via post

b.          say our application through a phone call

c.          send our application via email

d.          come to the office to submit our application

Read the text and answer question 42-45!

The Hedgehog and His friend

                Once, there was a hedgehog that lived in the home of Julius Welch. He was a very lonely hedgehog until he met one of Julius’s other toys, a hand puppet. Julius’s Mom would make the hand puppet play with Julius.

                The hedgehog watched them play together. He loved him so much. he hoped he would be with him for a long long time.

                As for the puppet, Julius’s mom and dad would entertain both of them often. One day, Julius learned how to make the puppet move and play

So the hedgehog’s prayers were answered. They went on for many many years together.

42. What is the meaning of hedgehog in bahasa Indonesia?

a.        terbang

b.       pagar rumah

c.        landak kecil

d.       wayang

43.      Based on the story above, where did the hedgehog live?

a.        In Julius Welch’s house

b.       In Julius Welch’s garden

c.        In the forest

d.       In the zoo

44.      Why did the hedgehog feel lonely?

a.        Because he lived with Julius Welch

b.       Because he hated Julius;s mom and dad

c.        Becuase he had no money

d.       Because he had no friend at first

45.      What is hedgehog’s friend?

a.        Julius’s mom

b.       A hand puppet

c.        Julius’s dad

d.       A hedgehog

Read the text and answer question 46-48!

The Father and His Son

A father had a family of sons who were always fighting. He had no luck trying to stop their arguments with words, so he decided to teach them a lesson.

He told his sons to bring him a bunch of sticks. He took the sticks and gave them to his eldest son and asked him to break them. The eldest son tried with all his strength, but was not able to do it. The other sons tried and were also unsuccessful.

The father said “My sons, if you are of one mind and unite to assist each other, you will be like these sticks together, but if you are divided among yourselves, you will be broken as easily as a single stick.

46.      What were always two boys doing in the family?

a.        They were always learning a lesson

b.       They were always fighting

c.        They were always breaking a bunch of sticks

d.       They were always sleeping

47.      Were they able to break a bunch of sticks?

a.        Yes, they are

b.       Yes, they were

c.        No, they weren’t

d.       No, they aren’t

48.      What is the social value that we can learn from the story above?

a.        Father has a right to educated their sons well.

b.       The oldest son has a great responsibility with his family.

c.        Father must earn money to fullfill their son’s need.

d.       We must keep unity and live peacefully.

49.      Bob  : ........................

Tom : What is it?

a.        Are you with me?

b.       Hello

c.        Thank you

d.       Listen, I have good news

50.      Boy : Have you heard that Iyan got injured in the football match?

Reva : Oh, Iyan must be very sad. I hope he’ll be better soon.

The underlined sentence is the expression of...

a.        love

b.       pleasure

c.        surprise

d.       symphaty


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