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In Javanese culture, we often hear the philosophy about ajining raga saka busana, which means how one's honor is displayed through one's clothes. Therefore it is important for us to maintain appearance. It doesn't mean that you have to wear expensive clothes to maintain your appearance, but the important thing is wearing a neat and appropriate clothes. For example, never attend a very important event by wearing such clothes like sleepwear, of course it won't be appropriate.

As a teacher, I also always try to look neat because I have to speak in front of the class and be the center of attention of my students. If the teacher appears wearing clothes that are appropriate and pleasant to look at, of course the students will accept my lessons with pleasure. Therefore I always try to look neat and fashionable in front of my students.

I'm also not a person who is too crazy about fashion, for example, if there is one model of clothes that is trending, I also don't always follow it or try to wear it. I wear what  comfortable to me and  appropriate on me. Eventhough it's trending, but if I feel uncomfortable wearing it, I also feel insecure to wear. That is why what I wear is what comfortable and suits to my personality.

I also always wear clothes according to the place and conditions. I always adjust to the situation, If I come to the casual events, so I also use casual clothes. When I attend formal events, I will wear formal clothes, I always try to adapt my appearance with the sutuation.


As we know the fashion business never dies and even continues to grow, because all people always want to look  up to date and follow the trending. Like popilush product, it always brings out the latest products to keep up with the times. Popilush have many products like shapewear maxi dress. For me, who wears the headscarf, of course, in your opinion, it would not be appropriate to wear clothes like that, but actually we can add an outer or cardigan so that we still look syar'i. So it actually depends on how we mix and match the clothes, so that we can wear many kinds of fashion model according to our comfort.

Another model from popilush is slimming bodysuit, the material is so good, so it will help you to wear it comfortably. We know that the comfortabe clothes is depend on the material. We live in tropical country so we need the good material that can  absorb the sweat and so on.

Last but not least, So  I can say you are what you wear here because I think how people respect us is depend on our appearance, or from the clothes we wear, do you agree with me?

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